Tuesday, August 9, 2011

day one hundred and ninety one

i've always wanted to this ABC gum snail but didn't have a prompt that fit...but now i don't need one! haha. i chewed up some super bubble pieces and used a toothpick to help me lay it out on the paper.


  1. I'm on the fence as to whether this is cool or icky...... lol
    How did you ever come up with such a unique and creative idea????

  2. haha! well i remember going to a baby shower (i think for my aunt) when i was little and everyone chewed up a piece of gum and had to use toothpicks to form it into a baby shape. the person whos baby looked most like a baby won...so maybe from that memory? also, there are a few places (seattle & san luis obispo) that have these gum alleys...an alley with a TON of ABC gum on the walls. google it. they're awesome and i've always wanted to go to one. :)