Wednesday, August 3, 2011

day one hundred and eighty five

nail snail!

i did this before but it was too thick to dry...and it was too thick to dry this time too. i ended up smudging it soon after it wiped it off. i wish i got a picture of that though...because it took off the lime green color underneath so i had the outline of it with my natural nail showing through. someday i will find a technique that works!


  1. That looks good. Too bad it didn't want to dry.
    I have had mild success using a toothpick to apply the detail polish. I found nailpolish at Walmart for about $4 that has a super thin brush just for doing details like this. It works really well. I also found some at a dollar store which works fairly well. It's funny that you posted this because I was thinking of doing my nails today (with a turtle and posting)! :)

  2. yeah i tried the toothpick but i couldn't get it to thin out. i will have to look for those skinny brush ones...haha! good luck with the turtle!