Tuesday, August 2, 2011

day one hundred and eighty four

i'm back.

so...i went camping and failed to make snails while i was gone. when i got home i felt like a complete loser. i can't believe how busy i am, even while i'm not working. stuff just keeps coming up. every day i didn't make a snail i felt more and more bad about it. so i talked to my mom and husband and decided to continue the project but not constrict myself to following the book prompts. some days it was just too hard to find one that fit into my day. so i'm back for good...or at least until i hit day 365.

this snail is made by pot sticker dipping sauce & a fork.


  1. I'm glad you haven't given up! Definitely just do whatever inspires you. I really never intended the book prompts as something people had to follow to the letter, just ideas for when you needed them.

  2. I like your new plan... and I like pot stickers... welcome back!

  3. thanks noah & tricia, i set the goal to follow the book so i didn't want to stop...but oh well! i would rather finish a year!